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In order to share resources and work more efficiently, most companies have their computers and peripherals connected through a network. It is very important that this network stays up all the time. Imagine (hopefully you haven't experienced) the network is down and no one can use the computers. This will result not only in lost of productive work time, but sometimes lost in business.
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We design and support small to medium size PC networks. Not only we fix the problem quickly, but more importantly, we could maintain your network to minimise down time (and therefore minium disruption to business). We provide the following services:

Network hardware installation
Network configuration and administration
Network diagnosis and resolution
Planning and consultancy

We now proudly annouce the release of Two Flexible Networking Suites ...
To suit your needs ...

 (SOHO :: 2-4 PCs ::)
 (Medium Size :: 5-9 PCs ::)

If you want to configure your cusotm network. Please contact our consultants @ support@aboffice.com.au
Saturday, 25 November 2017

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