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Are your printers, computers and other office equipment giving you trouble? To buy or repair your equipment - AB Office Solutions is the 'one-stop-shop' for all your office needs. See us as an extension to your IT department, or simply, your virtual IT department - here to comply with your demands. Our multi-skilled technicians and consultants also provide a full range of IT services ranging from hardware repairs and installation, desktop support services, problem diagnosis and resolution, software installation, network design and support to project management and business analysis.

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Our customers include small to medium sized companies, government departments and even large corporations.

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Repairs - Printers, Faxes and Copiers
On-site Maintenance Agreement
PC Workstation - Repair and Support Service
Networking Service
Total Managed Service
Website Development and Maintenance
Maximizer Installation and Support Service
Project Management Service

Repairs - Printers, Computers. Faxes and Copiers

Professional on-site and workshop repair service is our speciality at AB Office Solutions. We work on a "win-win" principle (to save your time and money), by doing it right the first time.

Our technicians are highly experienced and in 90% of all cases, they can fix the problem on-site without having to either take your equipment away or come back for a follow-up service. The technician will even make sure it is configured and working within your network before he goes. To save on call out charges, we can also fix your printer, computer, fax or copier in our repair centre at a reduced rate. We can also provide you with a loan machine on request (subject to availability).

We Guarantee:

Fixed labour charge until the problem is resolved
1 month warranty on labour
12 months or 100,000 pages warranty on parts
90% success rate on the first booking
12-month extended warranty available at an economical price

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On-site Maintenance Contract

We provide on-site maintenance contracts for companies who would like to minimise their costs for servicing their equipment. All labour charges and minor parts (i.e. parts which are under $50 each) are also included in this agreement. Customers with this On-site Maintenance contract are given priority service.

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Personal Computer (PC) Workstations - Support Service

Fiddling with minor computer problems or setting up additional features consume a lot of your employees' productive time. Let our specialists help you. You will be amazed at how much time and money you will save. We provide on-site support covering a diverse range of computer services including hardware repair, software and hardware installation, equipment upgrade, software upgrade, hard disk recover, anti-virus software set-up and updates, as well as problem diagnosis, problem resolution and much, much more.

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Networking Service

In order to share resources and work more efficiently, most companies have their computers and peripherals connected through a network. It is very important that this network stays up without fail. If the network is down (hopefully you have not experienced this) and no-one can use the computers, it will result not only in the loss of productive work time, but sometimes also a loss in business.

We design and support small to medium sized PC networks. Not only do we fix the problem quickly, but more importantly, we could maintain your network to minimise the 'down' time and therefore, the disruption in the daily routine of the business too. We provide the following networking services:

Network hardware installation
Network configuration and administration
Network diagnosis and resolution
Planning and consultancy

 Networking products & services 
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Total Managed Service

For customers who want fixed costs and the peace of mind from knowing that all their IT requirements are easily provided and accessible through AB Office Solutions, we can tailor a complete maintenance service to cover all your IT needs. This includes Help Desk support, total hardware maintenance, backup and recovery service, diagnosis and resolution of computer-related problems, and periodic software maintenance with patches and virus software update. This can also be moulded to comply with specific aspects of your IT requirements, providing additional service to these areas.

Our skilled technicians' expertise branches out over all areas of IT, so by employing their services, you do not have to hire one or more IT professionals full-time to suit your needs. At AB, we also provide our services at an affordable rate and we demand a high quality level of service from all of our staff. In operating under our 'win-win' principle by standardising your environment, we reduce problematic incidents and in addition, the time for recovery. As a result, there will be minimal disruption to your business and less time spent in suspension for both parties.

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Website Development and Maintenance

Getting online is a major hassle for small to medium sized companies which do not have the 'in-house' expertise when it comes to web design. However, with competitive pressure, it is no longer a matter of whether you should have a company website, but a matter of when it is required. At AB Office Solutions, we offer a low cost approach to assist your company in getting online. It requires no effort on your part, so you will be able to sit back and relax while we take care of:

Domain name registration
Hosting of the website
Web site development
E-mail service and integration
Future update and maintenance

All you have to concentrate on is explaining the required visual aesthetics of the website, its specialised function and the content you wish to include. But do not worry, our professional web designers and developers will aid you in this devising process.

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Maximizer Installation and Support Service

We offer full support for the Maximizer products ranging from installation, tailoring and configuration, problem diagnosis, application advice and guidance, reporting and much more.

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Project Management Service

Our project managers have many years of experience in software development, package implementation, systems integration and roll out projects. They are also familiar with assisting customers in tender preparation, software package evaluation, co-ordination and negotiation with application and software suppliers. They have previous experience in working in vendor environments and have well-grounded insight into how they operate and can therefore help you to get the best out of your application and solution suppliers.

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